'ere's What I've got so far:
My Music - and more!
College Radio at it's Best! (http://www.ktxt.net - Lubbock Texas)
      Hear my daughter, Elektra from 6-9pm on Mondays

Tips for Traveling in the Yucatan Peninsula/Playa Del Carmen
Twilight Zone DataBase - search by actor/writer/title or by season
The History of Cerulean Blue
Powerball Calculator - see what you'll actually win!
ASP Express - The best ASP Text Editor in the Galaxy
August Wind Software - Official Site

Numerics - the Number 11 (9/11/2001) and a little more
September 11th/Afghanistan/War, etc
Family Ancestry Web Sites:
Wier Family
Pearson Family
Vasicek Family

I'll make it pretty later!