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Numerics - the Number 11 (9/11/2001) and a little more

An Open Letter to a Terrorist
You Hit the buildings, but you missed America!

An Open Letter to America from an Afghani-American

Just remember - in their eyes, this is a religious war - but it's not - this is NOT Us vs. the Nation of Islam.
These terrorists are perverting the teachings of Islam.
If you are a Christian, as I am, realize this and stop hurting your neighbors.
Remember the phrase "United We Stand" - we need to follow this explicitly, concerning our neighbors.
Ben Laden should not be (and is not) the only target
Horrible mistreatment of women (Taliban):
Honor killings, etc
No medical assistance/education for women

Intolerance of other religions (Taliban) :
Afghanistan to force Hindus to wear identity labels
(can we say 'Nazi Germany'?)
They're holding foreign nationals as prisoner - for propagating Christianity     
Another Viewpoint

Other relevant items
One Sheik's Mission: Teach Hatred of West
Indonesian Muslim group threatens to hit U.S. embassy

Taliban Bans Western Influence:
Computer Discs, musical instruments
Other public punishments

United We StandUnited We StandUnited We Stand
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Peace - Please?